Why vanity numbers are popular marketing tools?

Vanity Phone Number: Essential business tools

Don’t you think a catchy vanity phone number that’s easy to remember can double-up as an extremely effective marketing tool? When prospective customers see an easy-to-recall number advertised in magazines, billboards, TV they tend to associate with a business and remember it better. That surely adds to the branding strategies!

How does it work?

Big or small; attracting clients is the main focus of all businesses. Building relationships and persuasion can only happen when customers pick up their phone to call your company. Choosing vanity numbers can be an answer for connecting better with the customers. High value vanity phone numbers from companies like PhoneNumberGuy.com makes it easy for you. When you choose to buy vanity phone numbers, you are just making a complicated process simple for your customers and your business!

  • Easy for customers to recollect the number
  • Simpler to connect the number to your brand name
  • Increase chances of customer interactions with the business whose number stands out of the ordinary

Vanity phone numbers Vs. Numeric phone numbers

The most attractive feature of a vanity phone number is it’s convenient to remember aspect. The blend of numbers and letters makes it super simple to recollect. For example, when watching an advertisement on the television, it is more likely that a customer will remember a number like 1-800-BUY-CARS better than a random phone number like 1-205-555-0141. That gives a unique competitive advantage to businesses.

Comparatively, recalling a ten digit trail of number is not easy after all! It is not difficult to understand why. Just because the letters acting as visual aids are missing!

Every business owner and professional knows how significant a phone number is. Outside their website, that’s the most important contact point for customers! So, why not go for something that offers greater benefits?

What matters most when selecting a custom phone provider?

When you are convinced about the benefits of vanity numbers, the next step is to choose a provider. Getting custom numbers is not difficult. There are many providers in the market like PhoneNumberGuy and you may get confused how to evaluate and choose. Things that matter the most are

  • Vanity number options offered (toll-free /local vanity number)
  • Pricing, plans, and flexibility
  • Additional phone features/functionality
  • Calling options
  • Setup and ease of use
  • Customer support

Tips for choosing custom phone numbers

Just choosing any vanity number does not serve the purpose. There are certain tricks which help you select wisely and maximize the benefits.

  • Avoid hybrid numbers and go for full words or phrases
  • Convey the correct message with the phone-word (brand/service)
  • Use easy to spell words

Don’t feel shy to advertise your custom number

Once you have got the special numbers, make them visible to the targeted audience through all possible marketing channels. Use them as the focal contact point on all print and online media, radio spots, TV commercials, billboard adverts, online campaigns, delivery trucks, and boxes.

When done the right way, gradually viewers will start noticing it and create an association in their mind. When they need services that match your business, your number will be on top of the list in their mind!

Written by Roberta W. Williams