Expansion Of the Ethernet Network: Comcast Business Chooses To Invest Millions

In hopes to expand the ethernet network, Comcast Business has invested $1.7 million for their network which is based in Harrisburg. Comcast reports that this expansion will give their customers quicker and better access to the network. The expansion of Comcast’s fiber-based network will create significant benefits to businesses and residential customers alike.

Comcast Business

The Comcast Business offers a variety of services including; ethernet, Wi-Fi, Voice, TV, Internet, as well as other solutions for businesses of all sizes. This service provider is the nation’s largest that provides cable services to small and big business alike, serving 20 of the 25 top markets in the nation. The services that Comcast business provide allow businesses to transform and create a wider range of service. The current revenue and profit is on the rise because of the increase in customers that are now going to be able to receive service.

Invest Into The Future

With the decision to expand, Comcast ensures that its customers will be greatly benefited from their investment. Customers will not only have better and faster access to their network, but this expansion will allow more businesses from further areas to enjoy these services and connect more successfully.

Impact of expansion

  • Over 27 miles of new fiber cable will be deployed in and near the downtown areas of Harrisburg.
  • Over 600 additional business will be directly benefiting from the reaching expansion.
  • The businesses in downtown Harrisburg will be significantly benefited by this development.
  • This expansion is believed to bring in new businesses, help current businesses grow and add more customers to the company.

Benefits and growth

  • Comcast will be capable of delivering 100 Gbps, giving businesses the ability to gain quick access to the network and grow.
  • Comcast will be able to respond quicker to meet the demand of its customers.
  • The expansion will help gain attraction from the businesses in Harrisburg, which in return, will help fuel the economy.
  • This expansion will not only be beneficial to the company of Comcast, but it will also help their current and new customers as well.

Attract and Grow Successful Businesses

Comcast Business is committed to providing services and growth to businesses, helping to gain success and profit in their markets. Both the aerial and underground extensions will provide a connection between businesses and the rest of the world. The intended expansion is expected to bring organizations high-performing services such as; internet, ethernet, and voice solutions, thus allowing those businesses to better serve their customers.

Invest and grow

  • Businesses will be able to better connect with customers near and far, allowing for extra growth.
  • This $1.7 million investment will bring in more profit in the long run for not only Comcast Business, but other businesses looking to expand and grow as well.
  • Comcast Business will expand over their current range to provide a service to more businesses looking for growth.

The new expansion is bringing more businesses the opportunity to grow and expand as well, through the services that Comcast Business will be able to offer them. Businesses are going to be able to connect not only to their current organizations, but regions near and far to bring them more profit and success.

Written by Roberta W. Williams