Top 5 Telecom Related Small Business Ideas For 2018

5 Telecom Related Small Business Ideas For 2018

Beyond reasonable doubt, the world we live in today has been greatly made better by technology with telecommunication being at the lead. In 1877, Graham Bell started Bell Telephone Company. He was unaware that he had created a multi-billion dollar business. Graham never lived to earn billions from his company. However, thousands of people have made their million fortunes from the telecom industry. Telecommunications is the use of tech to facilitate communication between people or organizations.

Telecom is a very large industry with multiple business opportunities. Highlighted below are the tested and proved top 5 business ideas in the telecom industry.

1. Smartphone sales

The use of desktop PCs and laptops is almost becoming a by-gone. Most people are turning into using mobile phones- they are portable, cheaper and convenient. Smartphones are in great market demand- millions of smartphones being bought daily worldwide, and thus it should be your key interest business area. It’s a very profitable niche. If you have the starting capital, do not hesitate in being a smartphone seller.

2. Call center agents

A call center is a facility that handles multiple number of telephone calls for an organization. There are various forms of call centers- inbound call center, customer service call center and outbound call center. Most telecommunication companies try to reduce their expenditure by hiring freelance call center agents instead of employing a permanent staff. However, you will be successful with this business idea only if you or your staff has very good communication skills.

3. Recharge card sales

All over the world, people make calls every second, meaning that millions of people are consuming airtime every second. Airtime is mostly sold as a recharge card. In this telecommunication business idea, there are two options- be a large scale seller by printing recharge cards or you can buy the recharge cards from wholesalers and sale them to retailers or consumers directly. Although the commissions are less but recharge card is a very profitable business. The choice is determined on how much capital you have and your ambitions too.

4. Blogging

Personally, if I want to buy a phone, all I do is go to Google and check out the phone specifications. Blogging means starting a blog where you will share any relevant information in the telecommunication industry. Your blog can be based on mobile phone reviews, internet connections, cloud computing, latest technology trends etc. well, this is a very cheap idea but it’s worth your time. Blogging pays- advertisement revenue, affiliate income etc.

5. Mobile marketing

Currently, many businesses are using internet as a way of attracting the eyes of potential customers and brand awareness too. Internet marketing has proved to be a success so far. Mobile marketing is a more focused form of internet marketing, since most people (90%) access internet via their mobile devices. As a business minded person, you should open a mobile marketing agency. However, it’s important for you to understand mobile marketing in-depth before venturing into this grand business idea.

Written by Roberta W. Williams