Password Manager Protects Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer Users

SafeWallet Password Manager, from SBSH Software, now offers easy to use browser add-ons for Internet Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Password Management isn’t new, however, SafeWallet is different. It seamlessly integrates with the browser and works as users visit sites: detecting successful logins, securing & encrypting login details and auto-filling passwords – all through a non-intrusive, intuitive & simple interface.

“Most users today are exposed to hackers, crackers and identity thieves. The use of single passwords, easy to remember passwords or a file with logins exposes users, whereas the alternative of spending time in annoying password reminder forms isn’t much better. It is absurd how most people choose these methods over a good password manager. It’s a little like leaving your front door open or calling a locksmith to replace your locks each time you come home,” says Dory Zidon, SBSH Director of marketing.

The new SafeWallet password manager browser integration works across all major browsers and not only eliminates the burden of remembering passwords or the nuisance of forgetting them, it also secures users from within the browser. It harnesses the power of un-crackable AES 256 military grade encryption algorithms similar to ones used in banks, credit cards companies and government agencies to secure top secret documents. SafeWallet ensures no one, except the users themselves, can access the sensitive data.

“Our biggest concern is making it highly secure yet extremely easy to use and I believe we achieved this goal with this release. We also provide mobile versions of SafeWallet password management for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and more so you can access your data from anywhere and everywhere. We have full confidence in our software and we believe users will love our software. That’s why we offer a free trial and 100% money back guarantee for 30 days. No questions asked,” concludes Mr. Zidon.

Written by Roberta W. Williams