Broadband Speeds Across the World – Is the UK Getting a Raw Deal?

Travel the world and you’ll begin to understand just what other countries have to offer in terms of broadband speed. It can sometimes make you proud to live in ol’ Blighty, where by and large you can get a solid broadband speed anywhere that isn’t too remote and your hair can remain intact when trying to stream off YouTube. However, sometimes it can make you realise just how far we are behind the leaders of the pack when it comes to broadband speeds.


But ignoring individual locations, where strange signal problems can cause anomalies and exceptions to the usual internet speed behaviour, what are the fastest – and indeed the slowest – broadband speeds we can find across the world? And where can you find the best broadband deals when it comes to prices?

The leader board is dominated by the might of Japan, technological capital of the world, which has the highest average connection speed for broadband according to the OECD and ITIF Broadband rankings – a whopping 61mbps on average. The cost for this rapidity? A mere 17p/month for 1mbps.

How does the land of the rising sun compare to the rest of the world though? Pretty favourably really, with average speeds in the Congo hitting a mere 13kbps, and even the US finding average speeds of 12 times less than the Japanese…at a twelve of the price. Download limits are also far less common in these areas, clearly marking the huge differences in broadband services between Europe, the Americas and the technological might of Japan and Korea.

Still, taking all this into consideration against the fastest ever internet speed recorded -186Gb/s – and you realise how much potential there is for the future. That speed would download 100,000 Blu-Ray discs within 24 hours. Sometimes in the UK we’re happy to get a normal stream on the BBC iPlayer…

Written by Roberta W. Williams